Kerrie J. Kauer, PhD

Kerrie J. Kauer, PhD

Vegetarian Restaurants in New York: Personal Favorites

Sometimes we need to eat something lighter, especially with spring on our doorsteps. Here are my favorite vegetarian restaurants in New York.

Spicy Moon

jijin Diners often equate delicious cuisine with religious experience, but in Kajitsu, this may be the only kaiseki restaurant in New York that offers a century-old Zen Buddhist vegetarian food called shojin. It is believed that this modern Japanese cuisine has developed into this Kind of cuisine. The literal meaning of the restaurant’s connection with God. The sparse and quiet interior space implies respect for nature, which is also reflected in the food. For those who are accustomed to bold tastes, these preparations seem to be underestimated at first. However, every dish is like a jewel, and this meal is a clever contemplation of simplicity and seasonality. 

Buddha Bodai

Sol Sips Operated by Francesca “Sol” Chaney, this vegan leisure venue in the heart of Bushwick is dedicated to making plant-based diets not only affordable, but not only for newcomers to the community, but also Used by low-income community members who are often wasted-Vegan Dialogue.


Thanks to the deal with Shark Tank, they were able to extend the vegan concept to not only sushi but also a seated version of table service. Initially, we wondered whether the menu of healthy mobile sushi that we would like would be kept in the place where we reserved dinner. However, the new menu retains everyone’s favorites, such as “Spicy Man”, while adding whimsical seasonal products and clever decorations (packing garlic noodles in a planter and dumplings filled with beets), which is a whole course The joy of cooking. 


ABCV Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s first meatless restaurant looks like the inside of Gwyneth Paltrow’s brain: the spacious room is made of plywood Complete white furniture with colorful spots (provided by handmade ceramic tableware), millennial pink wall panels, and bohemian banquets. Each menu has a chart that details the health benefits of various vegetables. Oh, the food is delicious too.

Sol Sips

Vegetarian Castle II When Google searched for this vegetarian restaurant, although few articles were published, the buffet is no secret to its more than 32,000 Instagram followers and hungry fans. They are owned by Viburt Bernard (Viburt Bernard). ) 

Beyond Sushi

Caribbean food tour. The buffet at the Vegetarian Castle is not only an opportunity to provide more dining options but also an opportunity for creativity. The customers of this restaurant showed hundreds of tagged photos with vegan salt-baked fish, jerk chicken, chicken wings, and other simulated proteins, demonstrating the variety of options and endless customization potential of the vegan castle, in addition to Delicacies like kale, mac’n’cheese, and pigeon peas. in contrast 


With Contra, the young gunners Jeremiah Stone and Fabian von Hauske drew inspiration from the néo-bistrot movement in Paris, which offers prices in leisure venues Reasonable set meal. Although this excellent restaurant is known for its regular tasting menu, its vegetarian team is underestimated.

Spring is almost here, and we need to lighten our diet. These vegetarian restaurants give us a great meal option!

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