Kerrie J. Kauer, PhD

Kerrie J. Kauer, PhD

The Best Pizza in New York

Pizza has saved me from this situation countless times and the era of pizza is not going to end any time soon. There’s something about Manhattan’s best pizza that makes you want more, and it’s a food that has become one of the most popular foods in New York City. Like any other food, it brings joy and satisfaction to become a part of your life, not only the life of your family but also the life of your friends.

Bocce Club Pizza

If you’re looking for a good example, head straight to Bocce Club Pizza in Amherst; it’s a compelling textual experience that’s simple and simply brilliant. The dough is fluffy, the tomato sauce is just the right amount of sweetness, and the chilies are embedded in cozy, charred perfection. Buffalo owes part of its typical style to the roll, which is made by rolling a small cup in which all the delicious juices are stored on the pizza. It’s full of the house – mozzarella, fresh basil, a hint of salt and pepper, and a generous dollop of olive oil.

O’Scugnizzo Pizzeria

Utica opened in 1914, and if you haven’t been convinced to try it for 100 years or more, think of a pizza made famous by tomato pie. For the uninformed, it is prepared by placing toppings on an uncooked crust, followed by a layer of mozzarella. After baking, the cake is smothered in a layer of delicious tomato sauce and dusted with freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Sometimes tomato cake (sometimes pizza upside down) is made with a topping placed on top of the uncooked crust, followed by another layer of Mozza.

It may sound strange until you try it, but the Uticans are definitely on the way to something like this, and I’m sure you know it.

Ortomare Ristorante Pizzeria

Here you will find some of the coolest pizza in Manhattan and make your evening as pleasant as possible. The pizzeria Ortomare Ristorante is so popular that even Italians who have visited it return there. This restaurant offers a wide selection of pizzas, from the best to the most popular, and even a bit of both.

Sheshe Pizzeria

Nothing stops you from enjoying a pizza that tastes like Italy while strolling through Columbia University, like this pizza from Pizzeria Ortomare Ristorante.

The pizza is great, the people are great and the chefs are proud to bring out their own pizzas, but everything seems to be just as great. This restaurant is a great example of the best of both worlds: great pizza, great food, and great people.

Nolita Pizza

We all know that the typical Italian pizza is characterized by its simplicity. This is what you will find at Nolita Pizza, with its simple and delicious pizza, but also with a great atmosphere.

This small restaurant takes you to Rome to eat pizza and homemade tiramisu, but also to enjoy a great atmosphere. It would be nice and cozy in a small cafe, with a good view of the city and a nice selection of delicious pizzas.


The menu is small and discreet, with many dishes, not intrusive, but they are the most delicious. There are many hotels and hostels in the area, so it is great and convenient for guests to stay there.

Let yourself be pampered with the best pizza in New York, a glass of wine, or one of the many other delicious options on the restaurant’s menu.


I don’t want to cook, I just wanted to eat fast and enjoy something light and extremely delicious. What do you think I was thinking when I turned down the opportunity to feed my kids and an entire football team? The best pizza in New York is always a foot away!

Grab a craft beer with the great pizza of New York! Where to find it? Just stroll around Central Park