Kerrie J. Kauer, PhD

Kerrie J. Kauer, PhD

Events in New York in March: What to Visit?

March is usually an eventful month in New York City. There are a lot of openings and celebrations in the first days of spring. Here are my picks for events in New York in March that I’m planning to visit.

Latinx Abstract exhibit

The show combines the spirit of the Space Ghost with the vibrancy of SNL’s musical performances and tries to find strange and surreal similarities between the guests. The venue is closed and we are overloaded with the spirit of the closed club, but we feel banished to the culture we were part of that day and feel compelled to return. Elsewhere, Sound & Space is ripping away the creative isolation from elsewhere and its lockout of what it is, “he says.

The exhibition will be on view at the New York Museum of Contemporary Art (NYMOCA) from March 12 to 18. The artists “works challenge the established art history of the United States, which has largely excluded Latin American and American artists who have lived and resided in the United States.

The show will be shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art (NYMOCA) in New York from March 12 to 18. The BRIC countries can be visited in person during the reduced opening hours, and the show is open to the public from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Hollywood dogs are getting their own NYC museum exhibition

Visitors are encouraged to reserve a seat 48 hours in advance by contacting BRIC, but the availability of in-person ads may change. Visitors can be reached by phone at 1 – 888 – 743 – 4357 for more information.

Forget America’s most famous dogs, the museum has released “Hollywood Dogs” with the big dog blockbusters, including “Dogs Go to Heaven” and “The Great Gatsby.” The exhibition also features the animated dogs from the films, as well as the dogs from the real life of Hollywood dogs.

The exhibit was put online so dog lovers can see it at home, but will be on view at the Museum of Natural History in New York City from March 1 through April 1.

St. Patrick’s Day in NYC

One of the biggest events in New York in March is the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which marches down Fifth Avenue and passes for a while – an honor for New York landmarks. Irish Drink, “according to the official website of the New Yorker for Irish Drink in the City, a group of restaurants, bars, and bars.

Women’s History Month

NYC offers a way to show solidarity with your sisters during Women’s History Month. New York women can get in shape by holding a Women’s March on the steps of the Empire State Building on March 14.

This year, Der Neues is an internationally renowned Asian art dealer who will take part in a virtual panel discussion. View the space online and see the beauty of Asian art through the eyes of the most famous artists and artists in Asia.

Broadway is still closed, but Central Park is always open!

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