Kerrie J. Kauer, PhD

Kerrie J. Kauer, PhD

Do These Exercises at Home to Stay Fit

Want to enjoy some exercises at home and get rid of stress and aggression while burning some of the extra energy from a more organized cardio session at the gym? 

Running the Stairs

If you have a few steps nearby, you can walk up and down the stairs to quickly do a cardio workout. Stair workouts help you build strength and power in your lower body and pump your heart rate. 

You don’t have to go outside or step on a treadmill to enjoy the benefits of running, but home jogging alone offers many of the same benefits. Of course, walking in one place for a long period of time can be boring, so challenge yourself by taking turns doing mini-intervals with lateral stair running to burn more calories during the workout. Make sure you have the best training shoes for men so you can do stair exercises when you have a single stair somewhere or when you buy a new pair of shoes, like the Nike Air Force 1s. 

Therefore, most people combine their jogging with a variety of other exercises, such as rope jumping, cross-country skiing, running, and cycling. Mixing an excellent exercise program with it can have a lot of health benefits, especially if you confuse it with other endurance exercises. 

Add several rounds of the above workouts to a solid 20-30 minute session that also burns fat and builds muscle. Fitness Blender and POPSUGAR Fitness both offer excellent cardio workout videos. The many exercises included in these online videos for cardio exercises make it easy for you to set up your own cardio workout at home. 

Jogging in Place

Start slowly and build up your fitness slowly to reduce the risk of injury, but always consult your doctor before doing intense physical activity. This exercise is a great way to build muscle and burn fat, as well as lowering your risk of heart disease. 

Learn how to maximize your health by attending one of our wellness classes at Meritage Medical Network’s Health and Wellness Center at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. Mer heritage and that is why our team of over 700 doctors, selected from the country’s leading medical schools, hospitals, and health centers, is focused on providing the best possible care. With more than 1,000 physicians and over 1.5 million patients, the Mer Heritage Medical Network is committed to providing health care in the most cost-effective and effective way possible. 

Everything that drives the heart pump trains the cardiovascular system, and certain dance movements also help with muscle building. For more structured lessons, you will find Body Sculpting for the Body and Bodybuilding for Body. Then make music and dance and make sure you have at least one hour of cardio time per day for your cardio workout. 

Still, Central Park remains THE best place for a workout!

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