Kerrie J. Kauer, PhD

Kerrie J. Kauer, PhD

Cardio at Home: How to Stay Fit in Winter

As a keen tourist, I need to stay in good shape. And now, when the gyms are closed, I need to work out at home. Here’s my routine and the best cardio exercises to do at home!

Mountain Climbers

For an intense interval workout, do the burpees for 30-60 seconds and add them to a cardio cycle of 3-4 minutes. You can also use them in Tabata workouts and insert them into cardio circuits that include skipping ropes, squats, deadlifts, lunges, push-ups, and more. Add them and repeat for a total of 2-3 minutes, or even 4-5 minutes until you are done. 

Why climbers increase their heart rate to build strength and stamina in the core, but no special skills are required. Run your knees through the push-up point – from an upright position upwards and then back down on the floor for a total of 2-3 minutes. 

For strength training, climbers combine push-ups and planks to create more intensity and add a cardio circuit for 30 to 60 seconds. Do a series of burpees in combination with high intensity or add 10 climbers to a crab. This exercise can affect heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, and blood flow to the chest and back. 

Squat Jumps

Therefore squats are a plyometric exercise that increases heart rate, burns calories, and increases the strength of the legs. 

The exercise is very resilient, intense, and requires strong joints and a strong heart, but no special skills are required. The joints are protected and the exercise requires stronger joints, a stronger heart, and certain special training. 

Include 30 – 60 seconds of squats and jumps in your cardio workout and repeat for at least 10 – 15 minutes at a time. Squats can also be used in tabata workouts, but do them for high-intensity interval training and add them to increase intensity and strength – to – strength. 

Bear Crawl Push-Ups

Hand push-ups, which can be done in a variety of positions such as squats, deadlifts, and pullups, can also be done during cardio training. 

Why increase your heart rate significantly to build strength and stamina: the faster the intensity rises, the more difficult the movement becomes, and the longer it will be. 

Include 30 – 60 seconds of bear cramps in your regular cardio workout or cardio cycle and add 30 – 60 seconds of bear cramps to increase intensity and strength – to – strength. Bear crawling can also be used in a tabata workout, or you can add it to train other high-intensity burpees and squats. Break it open in 30-60 seconds, then repeat for 10-15 seconds, a total of 20-30 seconds. 


Kickboxing burns more than 100 calories and can help you get rid of aggression, so why does it take any equipment? Kickboxing can also burn more calories than any other cardio workout at the gym, so it doesn’t require any equipment. 

Stretching arms and legs to the limit with punches and kicks can put a strain on joints. You can also try this video of a kickboxing workout at home to learn cardio training quickly, easily, and easily – without equipment. 

Remember to stay in shape with these exercises for cardio at home! If you want to workout in the open – my top pick is Central Park!