Kerrie J. Kauer, PhD

Kerrie J. Kauer, PhD

Affordable Restaurants in New York

As a person that roams a lot in the city, I’m familiar with quite a lot of its places – from top-end global chains to the quality, yet cheap places. Here are some great good affordable restaurants in New York!

Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop

Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop is all about the slices in this popular original version, which only serves side dishes. The curried herring is a canary-like, pleasant sauce that is always perfect, but you should combine it with a side of chicken or pork chops or even just a slice of pork ribs.

El Castillo de Jagua

Although the dishes seem designed to fill you up, it is almost impossible to leave this Dominican restaurant hungry, because you may just not be able to stop eating the food here. While Sancocho’s is fighting for the title by welcoming potatoes, this gut champion is spurred on by roast pork thickened in a tomato broth. The cool 70s flair gives the whole thing a cool 70s flair, even if you are just taking orders.

Lekka Burger

As technology develops, meat-based alternatives to meat production are dying out, producing vegan burgers from scratch. A new vegetable burger is coming to the market, which is run by a fast-casual restaurant, and we highly recommend it. Govinda, a nickname for the Hindu deity Krishna, runs this restaurant tucked away in the back of a strip mall on the Upper East Side of New York City.

Blue Sky Deli

This Harlem winery is known for its amazing cheese sandwiches, also known as hajji’s. S. S., London. This is a local staple that is nowhere else in the country, and all three dishes cost less than $10.

Bua Thai Ramen & Robata Grill

This plate at Bua Thai is mainly Thai food, but you will also discover the global influence of the dish. They specialize in Thai ramen and there is more than a ton of pasta on the menu. You can also expect fried rice, chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, macaroni, and cheese as well as a variety of other dishes.

East Hae

Fish and chicken are the real stars on the East Hae menu, but the menu showcases traditional Korean cuisine with flair. Tables are set in elegant charcoal and the black painted walls, black leather chairs, and black tablecloths make for an elegant dining room with a great view of the city skyline.

Veniero’s Pasticceria and Caffe

Between 1876 and 1924, millions of Italians emigrated to America, and there was a man named Antonio Veniero who settled in New York City and opened his own café in 1894. It sells sweet espresso, biscuits, and homemade dishes, as well as a wide selection of pasta, salads, sandwiches, and desserts.

Do you want a cheap date idea? One of those places plus a walk in Central Park!

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